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Roger Sexton rds2 at q.com
Thu May 23 23:15:00 CEST 2013

The system I am on will not let me directly click reply to send you a reply.  I have to exit the email and go back into my email list and click compose.

Anyway, thanks for the landscape tips.  I noticed that the landscape is very steep in places and there are caves.  

On the game you are creating; are you hiring any modelers or animators?  

Are you German or Sweedish.  I don't really know the German language but I can understand some of the words and get a little of the conversation when I listen to people talking.  I use to know Spanish fairly well, but have not been using it.

About the Bible animation, I have started the wrok on it a long time ago building models and creating some animations, but just never took the time to really put in the real work needed.  I did get a spot on Kickstarter for financing but really need the financing that will be more like an hourly wage so I can survive without a real job.  Does that make since?  


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