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Fri May 24 08:14:47 CEST 2013

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 11:15 PM, Roger Sexton <rds2 at q.com> wrote:
> The system I am on will not let me directly click reply to send you a reply.
> I have to exit the email and go back into my email list and click compose.
> Anyway, thanks for the landscape tips.  I noticed that the landscape is very
> steep in places and there are caves.
> On the game you are creating; are you hiring any modelers or animators?
> Are you German or Sweedish.  I don't really know the German language but I
> can understand some of the words and get a little of the conversation when I
> listen to people talking.  I use to know Spanish fairly well, but have not
> been using it.
> About the Bible animation, I have started the wrok on it a long time ago
> building models and creating some animations, but just never took the time
> to really put in the real work needed.  I did get a spot on Kickstarter for
> financing but really need the financing that will be more like an hourly
> wage so I can survive without a real job.  Does that make since?
> Later.
> Roger

Yes. We all need to live.
I would start up the project as an open source project. Write the
basic game so that it works or in other words people can play it. Then
it will attract more people and the project will grow. Read the
Cathedral and Bazaar!

I used Panda3d for my MMORPG. It is great. Maybe the Blender Game
Engine is better now. I don't know.  I would love to hear a compare
and contrast of the two.

I live in Germany and my wife is German. I am from the USA.

What Email program sucks that badly? Must be MS based??
I just use Gmail.

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