[Bf-education] SIGGRAPH 2013 BOF

Wobbe F. Koning wobbe at siggraph.org
Sun Jan 27 16:15:32 CET 2013

Hello Again,

Thank you to all who responded (and those who are still going to 8^} ) 
Your responses are quite helpful.

I will follow up with people directly, but it seems there is a vibrant 
community out there so I will go forward organizing the BOF and will 
keep the list posted!

On 1/27/2013 8:23 AM, Edwin Pilobello wrote:
> It's a different part of the brain that works when doing 3D.

Is it? I think of it more as many parts of the brain working in tandem 
to achieve a goal, not that different from the motor center having to 
coordinate with the creative, visual and other parts of the brain when 

Edwin Pilobello also wrote:
>I only use
> open source so my students from 4th grade to college, can do their homework.

A valid reason I would say, and a similar reasoning for me would be that 
students can keep using Blender professionally after graduation while 
(legal) access to Maya is only likely if they join a studio.



On 1/26/2013 11:41 AM, Wobbe F. Koning wrote:
 > Hi all,
 > I just subscribed to this list with a very specific goal: I am looking
 > for educators who use Free and Open Source Software in the visual arts.
 > I am organizing a education Birds of a Feather session for SIGGRAPH 2013
 > and have found a software expert and a professor in Computer Sience
 > willing to participate. I would also like to have an educator from the
 > visual arts to join us, beside myself. We are using Maya.
 > Are there (higher ed) schools out there using Blender (and/or other
 > FOSS), especially within the arts?
 > Cheers,
 > Wobbe.
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