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Do you offer PD?  I am interested in teaching Blender next semester to my
Animation class but I am not very familiar with it or animation in general.
I have used on a basic level Anim8or for modeling & basic walk animation &
Alice for animating but that is about it.  Where are you located and would
you be willing to do a Webinar????

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 5:47 AM, Tony Mullen <tony.mullen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Jentzen,
> This mailing list doesn't get real heavy traffic. And no, other than
> this list there's no centralized education-specific communication
> channel that I'm aware of.
> I'm also involved in documentation (I've written a number of Blender
> books) and education. I teach Blender (among other things) to college
> students at several universities and have organized weekend courses
> for filmmakers and for the general public. I finished teaching a
> week-long intermediate-advanced course at the Blender Institute
> alongside Andy Goralczyk.
> >I am interested to learn more about what the blender foundation take in
> regards to education.
> >I am very tired of all the Autodesk Education summits and lip service.
> The Blender Institute's main "official" educational effort is in the
> Blender Foundation Certified Trainer certification program:
> http://www.blender.org/education-help/certified-trainer/
> I like to encourage people interested in teaching to take part in this
> program. At the moment, to be honest, it is in its prolonged infancy.
> We would like to see a time where it will become recognized as a
> useful credential for Blender trainers. At presentt, it's not quite
> all it could be, but it does represent the interest the BF has in
> supporting educators. Please consider applying for certification.
> Particularly with your background in the effects industry and your
> work with Autodesk's educational programs, you might have some insight
> into how the BFCT can be improved.
> The Blender Foundation itself has pretty limited personnel resources.
> The "official" education initiatives are the BFCT program, the Open
> Movie Workshop which generates training material, and the occasional
> publication of books (or maybe soon a magazine). Everything else is
> basically grass-roots. There are a number of Blender books (both free
> and commercial) training DVDs, and even curricula available (e.g.
> http://ocw.tufts.edu/Course/57). There are also websites set up to do
> Blender training or host tutorials.
> http://cgcookie.com/blender/
> http://www.blenderguru.com/
> http://blenducation.org/wordpress/
> Are a few that are currently online.
> It would be nice to see Blender picked up by more schools. I think
> there are distinct benefits to schools (art schools, high schools,
> universities, even CG trade schools to some extent) teaching Blender
> instead of or alongside Brand X. But there's no official plan to push
> for this that I know of. Again, this kind of promotion is something
> that is done on the grass-roots level.
> I hope some of this is useful/new information to you. To be honest,
> the Blender education scene is pretty fragmented, but I think this
> also reflects how fragmented the professional demand is for Blender
> educators. It's hard to develop a really robust certification program
> if employers aren't using it as a hiring criterion.
> Best regards,
> Tony
> >
> > I have not?received?any new posts or digests since my?initial?post.
> > Does the group?communicate?through other mean or goes through waves of
> communication throughout the year?
> >
> > Is anyone from the list going to the Blender conference for educational
> purposes?
> > I would love to hear back from anyone who attends.
> > curious about this talk, it seems like the only with specific goal of
> doing something?unique?with blender for education. ?"
> > Samir Saidani, Bruno Meunier et al The Junior Studio: Blender as an
> Educational Tool for Cooperation Learning
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