[Bf-education] Siggraph educator Birds of Feather

W. Scott Meador wsmeador at me.com
Fri Nov 25 15:20:58 CET 2011

Hi Ton!

I am interested in presenting at the BoF. I am teaching courses called Visual Effects Animation and Visual Effects Compositing in a Digital Filmmaking program. The Animation course is all Blender and the Compositing course is mostly After Effects, but we have a section on compositing 3D rendering. We have also been using Syntheyes in the Compositing course, but I am interested in moving our tracking to Blender. My Animation course did do some tracking with the Tomato branch this semester.

We also recently built a small compute cluster in cooperation with faculty in Computer Science and Mathematics that my students and I have used for rendering tasks. I wrote a Python script to make it easier for the students to submit jobs to the cluster. Two of the nodes have Cuda hardware that I intend to use with Cycles soon (will have worked with it a lot by next summer).

Last, my colleagues and I produced a stereo3D film with almost all virtual scenery, which was created in Blender. The film is still in post production, but should be complete by January.

BTW, I used to teach 3D animation at Purdue University in the department of Computer Graphics Technology where we were very Autodesk-centric and I was a certified instructor for 3dsmax years ago. I know what it is like being in that environment compared to the open-ness of Blender and the Blender community.

Please let me know if any of this sounds useful for the BoF. I could put together a more cohesive proposal asap if that would be more helpful.

Best Regards,

Scott Meador
Assistant Professor of Digital Filmmaking
Department of Mass Communication and Theatre
University of Central Arkansas

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> Hi all,
> Marc Barr, SIGGRAPH Education Committee Chair, has asked me if Blender  
> Foundation would be interested organizing a "Birds of a Feather" for  
> educators.
> It could be about free/open learning of 3D creation at schools/ 
> colleges. Stuff that's by-default not possible with Adesk sw :)
> Although I think it's cool to have educators meet there and discuss  
> matters, it would be much more interesting if such a BoF would be  
> presented/hosted well, with use cases and some presenters.
> Anyone on this list interested, and already planning to visit Siggraph  
> LA 2012?
> Thanks,
> -Ton-
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