[Bf-education] Blender Certification

laurent laurent at tdm.info
Wed Mar 23 19:20:15 CET 2011

I agree with you Douglas.

Whatever we do, there is something I was thinking from the start: I am 
UK based and the central organisation for all qualification is QCF/Ofqual.
I have some contacts that have been through the process of getting a 
certification through the official body for England and Wales.
What it means when it is done, is that awarding bodies can integrate the 
certification in their qualification (GCSE, A level...).
It means that the certification is opened to Secondary Education through 
It then makes it easier for School/Colleges/Universities to justify the 
choice of support for their courses (and choice of software).
LPIC, CompTIA, Cisco have done it and it is great to be able to deliver 
a qualification + certification to students as it equips them better.

But that can be the long term view...

What about the short term, is it possible to create a board or something 
"official" related to Blender Foundation ?
I exchanged emails with Ton Roosendaal last week-end, and although he 
was on the same positions as Jason concerning the implications of the 
Blender Foundation, my impression is that he was not against the 
principle of a "board" of volunteer going toward a project like this.
What would be your thoughts on that, Jason ?

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