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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Mar 30 12:41:31 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Currently the Blender Foundation doesn't really exist as an  
organization, it's actually just a legal vehicle to ensure we have our  
IP safe (code, domains, brand, docs, content) and to manage donations.

The main target of BF is to keep blender.org alive, to facilitate all  
projects there (from docs to code). The BF doesn't officially meddle  
with code, designs, or content really... for that the groups of  
volunteers work in freedom, they organize themselves via the channels  
facilitated by BF.

That's what I prefer to keep; BF should be as minimalistic as  
possible, and stick to facilitation. When needed BF can set a couple  
of steps as a catalyst, and withdraw when it goes well.

In my discussion with Laurent I've understood that we can treat the  
Certification issue differently:

--> Providing a standardized set of training material and tests

This will keep the pure act of certification itself indepedently, but  
it will help trainers, teachers, schools, institutes, governments etc.  
to introduce Blender in their programs.

I think that's an interesting approach to investigate, matching the  
"facilitation" strategy of BF as well.


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On 23 Mar, 2011, at 19:20, laurent wrote:

> I agree with you Douglas.
> Whatever we do, there is something I was thinking from the start: I am
> UK based and the central organisation for all qualification is QCF/ 
> Ofqual.
> I have some contacts that have been through the process of getting a
> certification through the official body for England and Wales.
> What it means when it is done, is that awarding bodies can integrate  
> the
> certification in their qualification (GCSE, A level...).
> It means that the certification is opened to Secondary Education  
> through
> University.
> It then makes it easier for School/Colleges/Universities to justify  
> the
> choice of support for their courses (and choice of software).
> LPIC, CompTIA, Cisco have done it and it is great to be able to  
> deliver
> a qualification + certification to students as it equips them better.
> But that can be the long term view...
> What about the short term, is it possible to create a board or  
> something
> "official" related to Blender Foundation ?
> I exchanged emails with Ton Roosendaal last week-end, and although he
> was on the same positions as Jason concerning the implications of the
> Blender Foundation, my impression is that he was not against the
> principle of a "board" of volunteer going toward a project like this.
> What would be your thoughts on that, Jason ?
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