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I thought I would add what really got me to understand
blender. Unfortunately this info is a bit old in some places because I
learned pre 2.5.
First if you have questions don't waste your time searching out the answer,
go directly to IRC blender and ask them.
Next for animation you must read The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard
Williams! If you do nothing else, read this!
The man candy DVD from blender was a HUGE step for me and really
understanding my first animation. You can download it from torrent. The
author told me he does not mind this.
Then there is this video, http://vimeo.com/3835507
Watch all 6 parts. Great for leaning the ins and outs of basic modeling.
Beyond that read a few web sites about 3 point lighting and don't forget
filming and photography sites about lighting and other subjects related to
film and picture making. We can't make good pics or films if we can't even
do it well with a real camera in hand.
One last thing, NEVER render your blends! LOL sounds stupid but it is good
advice because rendering will EAT your learning time like nothing else. OK,
sometimes you can render. :-)
Never forget that in blender there are LOTS of ways to do the same thing.
Sometimes the one way you did not think of is the best and will take 1
minute instead of 2 hours to do the same thing; see 2nd sentence in this
Hope that helps. I have a lot of other links but they are all fine points
that will come with time anyway.
Douglas E Knapp

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