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Jessica Cortes lou.jessica.cortes at gmail.com
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Waw ! Thank you very much for the information !
I understand what you say by not RENDER ^^ It is totally true !
I will look all of this !

Thank everybody for you help and time.

2011/6/8 Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com>

> I thought I would add what really got me to understand
> blender. Unfortunately this info is a bit old in some places because I
> learned pre 2.5.
> First if you have questions don't waste your time searching out the answer,
> go directly to IRC blender and ask them.
> Next for animation you must read The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard
> Williams! If you do nothing else, read this!
> The man candy DVD from blender was a HUGE step for me and really
> understanding my first animation. You can download it from torrent. The
> author told me he does not mind this.
> Then there is this video, http://vimeo.com/3835507
> Watch all 6 parts. Great for leaning the ins and outs of basic modeling.
> Beyond that read a few web sites about 3 point lighting and don't forget
> filming and photography sites about lighting and other subjects related to
> film and picture making. We can't make good pics or films if we can't even
> do it well with a real camera in hand.
> One last thing, NEVER render your blends! LOL sounds stupid but it is good
> advice because rendering will EAT your learning time like nothing else. OK,
> sometimes you can render. :-)
> Never forget that in blender there are LOTS of ways to do the same thing.
> Sometimes the one way you did not think of is the best and will take 1
> minute instead of 2 hours to do the same thing; see 2nd sentence in this
> email.
> Hope that helps. I have a lot of other links but they are all fine points
> that will come with time anyway.
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