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On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 7:23 PM, Octavio Mendez <octavio at g-blender.org> wrote:
> Hello.
> I think we define what we are trying to certificate:
> We are trying to certificate the use of the software?
> We are trying to certificate 3d art skills?
> example: we have a person who knows how all the blender modeling tools work,
> knife tool, selection tools, sculpt mode etc, and he can model a human hand
> with them, but the final model sucks, because he is not a good artist. In
> the other hand we have a person who only knows the basics about modeling
> with polygons, he don't know nothing about the tools (only test and move
> things on the interface and see the effect on the screen) but he is an
> amazing artist!
> I agree with the idea to have a question-based exam and a practical exam.
> Octavio.

I think the goal is to give the person that highers you proof that you
can do the job or maybe even do it well. To that end it is important
that the test shows that the person knows what they are doing and that
they can perform. It is also important that the test really does weed
out those that would not be able to do the job. It is also important
that the tests stay consistent. We can't have one years test produced
a bunch of great workers and the next test let every poor artist
through. It is a test of quality for the artist.

Also those that do not plan to work for someone else might want to
take the test to prove to themselves that they are up to that quality
level. Sort of, "rights to brag", on the internet or whatever.

In martial arts classes tests help you to find holes in your training
so that you can then work to improve yourself in that area where the
test showed that you were weak. I would love to have this sort of test
available for myself and my students in blender. I think this was the
idea for class weekly tests in school but I was never sure because the
teachers never made us go back and work our weak places. :-)

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