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On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Adamson, Thomas <T.Adamson at snhu.edu> wrote:
> Doug,
>  I will bet there are thousands of South Sea Islanders who are excellent swimmers and practice the skills you point out here, yet they would fail your exam - Meaning knowing the definitions is not an indicator of your actual swimming abilities.  :)
> Tom Adamson

I don't disagree with you. On the other hand would you hire a 3d
artist that said, I have no idea what IOR is or does? I was watching a
video by Andrew Price where he says to set the IOR to 1.333 for water
and then says he has no idea what it stands for. You can't say his
blends suck, he does good nature work! But, my respect for him dropped
a good bit at that point. We are making tests so that people can show
that they are pros, not great hobbyists. I think that they should have
a basic level of knowledge about each setting in blender and what it
does. Knowing your tools and medium is basic to any profession,
getting good results comes after you know your tools and you have
developed your skill sets.

Also I teach martial arts. There are people that just are good
fighters but there are a LOT more that learned to be good. But really
the important point is that most of those South Sea Islanders would
loose to an Olympic swimmer and that Olympic swimmer could very likely
tell you exactly what they are doing wrong and how they can improve it
because he/she knows the physics of swimming as well as how to train
and eat for best results.

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