[Bf-education] IRC channels - Reactivation

Ivan Paulos Tomé greylica at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 20:05:20 CET 2011

Hi friends :)

Some friends have been asking for a place to discuss
and share ideas about Blender Education.
Ok, there are now two IRC channels, one,  I have opened
today and a second, owned by our friend
Ruy Campos. (under the name ''rcas'').
I will contact Mr. Ruy Campos to ask him
for an operator status in #blendereducation.

I'm on both of those, and invited also MangoJambo
(Moraes Junior)
to be one of our moderators/operators.

The channels are :

#blenderedu (opened by me )
#blendereducation (opened by Mr. Ruy Campos )

OK, beginning tomorrow, we will start a discussion
following the schedule agenta that I propose in one of my last
e-mails for bf-education board.
Also, we will need to conact BFCT board to join our
conversations and discuss about best methods to Teach
Blender to make High Quality manuals and Materials.

Feel free to mail me greylica at gmail.com

Good Vibrations !
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