[Bf-education] Outrageous Suggestion

Doug Ollivier doug at flipdesign.co.nz
Thu Sep 2 11:05:28 CEST 2010

On 1/09/2010 3:08 a.m., Juan Dario Rodas M. wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> a few comments about your last post.
> * Axis Naming *
> In fact, there is a standard about the orientation of the axes. You 
> might remember it from you geometry class back in school, as a 
> right-handed orientation for a three dimensional coordinate system. 
> It's a basic principle which lies as a foundation for pretty much all 
> modern engineering and architecture.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartesian_coordinate_system

This is why i asked as i wasn't sure if there was one standard over 
another, thanks for that Info.  In my opinion Z as height makes perfect 

> * Selecting objects *
> I totally disagree with you. Mouse selection with RMB should not be 
> considered or promoted as an unprofessional feature simply because the 
> other tool users do differently. It's just another way to do the same. 
> I wouldn't call "unprofessional drivers" the people in UK (again, 
> apologies to my friends in UK for the example) just because they drive 
> on the left side of the road while we all here in America do it on the 
> right side.

I am guaging this by the "difficulties" of students, and the RMB select 
is the greatest roadblock in the eys of the students.  Personally i have 
been using Blender for over 10 years, and am happy with RMB select. 
However, as a professional product designer (usability is key training) 
i am stepping back from "my knowledge" and expectations, and looking at 
the issues from the ignorant eyes of a first time user. Opinions from 
this group of people are honest, frank, and allow us to see problems 
from a unique perspective.

I think that Ton needs to experience peoples reactions first hand, so 
that he has a chance to look at Blender from the outside, rather than 
the inside.

This list of features is something i am trying to keep personal opinions 
out of, and am simply relaying the messages from new users directly.

I am specifically asking my students what they are finding difficult, 
and am observing the common mistakes.  Clever design can reduce, or 
avoid many common pitfalls, the first step is identifying those common 
pitfalls, if we close our eyes we will not see them.

I encourage all trainers to keep an eye open for user difficulties and 
to feed them back.


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