[Bf-education] Outrageous Suggestion

Dave Martin Gadrinab muzoe2009 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 09:44:09 CEST 2010

Hi Doug,

a few comments about your last post.

* Axis Naming *
In fact, there is a standard about the orientation of the axes. You might
remember it from you geometry class back in school, as a right-handed
orientation for a three dimensional coordinate system. It's a basic
principle which lies as a foundation for pretty much all modern engineering
and architecture.


* Selecting objects *
I totally disagree with you. Mouse selection with RMB should not be
considered or promoted as an unprofessional feature simply because the other
tool users do differently. It's just another way to do the same. I wouldn't
call "unprofessional drivers" the people in UK (again, apologies to my
friends in UK for the example) just because they drive on the left side of
the road while we all here in America do it on the right side.

In my opinion, We should be discussing whether certain functionality is
properly implemented so that an user moving from one tool to another can
continue with his project.

Finally, although the material produced directly by BF faces an expert
audience, we couldn't say that there isn't material available for beginners in
the community. The books from Tony Mullen, Roger Wickes, Rolland Hess, Allan
Brito, just to name a few, are the front gate to the Blender Universe. There
are thousands of free videotutorials in so many languages, that is hard for
me to believe that this issue is uncovered.

Well, that's just my opinion! :-)



so sir !.

from your point of view  whats the best tut you can recommend to me
so i can make one.

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