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Edwin Pilobello e_pilobello at yahoo.com
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I just downloaded 2.5 Alpha and had my first look.  I have not paid any attention to any previous builds.  So this is my first time.

There seems to be a lot to figure out.  Oh well!  I have till spring 2010!!

Aside from the manual as currently constituted, where else can I browse to learn as much about the user interface?

I intend to use the Christmas break to get as far as I can into 2.5

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  1. Re: 2.5 for Spring 2010? (William Meador)


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I am sure this would make some believe I am crazy, but I just finished  
an intro to animation course where I started the semester with 2.5. I  
made the decision literally the first day of classes in late August. I  
tested the exercises we would do in the first few weeks and was able  
to complete them in 2.5 so I went with it.

I build Blender 2.5 every other day on average and post it to our  
Intranet so students have access to it in our lab. We usually took the  
first 5 or so minutes each week to cover changes in the software from  
the previous week.

I am teaching the course again beginning in January and am happy to  
run it with 2.5. If it was an advanced course then I would not have  
used it this fall, but I am happy with its capabilities now and would  
choose it for the spring.

The only real problems I ran into was that I had two freelance  
projects that were steeped in 2.49 capabilities throughout the  
semester so all of my work off-campus was in 2.49 and my work with my  
students was in 2.5. I am looking forward to all new projects since I  
will use 2.5 from now on unless I need a legacy script or something  
that has not been implemented.

2.5 has great working animation tools now. I am sure it really boils  
down to what level of course you are teaching and whether the tools  
are all there to be successful.

BTW, since the Durian project is showcasing 2.5 capabilities it has  
already been an exciting aspect of my class to show the new tools and  
projects and have the students download blends and try them out for  


Scott Meador
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