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Edwin Pilobello e_pilobello at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 17 21:40:32 CEST 2009

I've used Neil's eLearning course materials in support of a brick and mortar Blender class at Clark Community College in Vancouver WA.  We used "Essential Blender" as the course textbook.  I figured the BF ought to at least get some benefit from the sale of the book.  Those that couldn't afford the textbook tried to read it through the wiki and did just fine.

The vote was split on the book about 50-50.  Some found the book easy to follow, others not so.  Neil's courseware was always welcome.  Of course, I had to make a list that correlated the videos with the chapters in the book.

Neil was kind enough to send me a DVD of all his stuff.  I re-distributed them to the class after fixing the URL links to point to the files on the DVD instead of screencast, etc.   The students did not use the cross-reference so much as the video titles are self-directing.

Using the DVD saved Neil a lot of bandwidth.  I'm pretty sure if you asked him, he'd share his video files in for real player and flash.

I know he has a lot more in the works and is chomping at the bits to upgrade all his material to v2.5
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