[Bf-education] PHP help needed for Blenducation.

David Hickson davidhickson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 20:02:25 CEST 2008

Hello everyone,

As some of you know I have been diligently working on a way to produce LIVE
Blender Classes via a web browsers and build a site (www.cgshowdown.com is
the maiden site, the real site will be www.blenducation.org ) that will
manage student sign ups and instructors information (galleries and Blogs).
It will also have a series of great tutorials to help new Blender Users get
up to speed really quickly, most of which are made already.

*Live classes*
Well, to update you all, I have a solution for the live classes and it seems
to be working very well. I have had many one on one classes with new users
that love the method of delivering the classes. The draw backs should be
easy enough to work around.

The key features are:
1. Ease to join classes (students)
2. Ease to set up classes (instructors)
3. Sound and desktop sharing
4. White board
5. Recording the classes for future DLs

*Web Site*
Since all of my attention has been on the live part of this solution, my
website has been put on the hold until now. David Millet (spiderworm) has
offer to generously offer his expert assistance in helping me make this idea
into a reality.

We have migrated to Dreamhost and have Wordpress installed, but we need
someone with strong PHP skills to help wrap things up. If anyone out there
can help or has any question please let Dave or I know.

Students are waiting. :)

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