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Hi Igor,

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On 2 Jul, 2008, at 22:01, Igor Križanovskij wrote:

> Hi all,
> First, I really don't want to be some kind of Mr. Complain, but  
> probably
> will be my experience sooner or later interesting also for some other
> Blender Trainers...
> After my first teaching experience I faced with a problem. Namely, I
> wrote an article for the BlenderNation about a Blender Course, but  
> after
> weeks of waiting and bagging for any kind of response from the
> BlenderNation, I was really desperate. Probably you understand that  
> it's
> important to share such an info, not only for the trainers, but also  
> for
> the customers and the new Blender users too!
> It's true that I could publish my article elsewhere too, but
> BlenderNation is the best source for such a Blender info because its  
> feed is also published on blender.org and many other places, so it's
> 'trusted' and widespread source.
> I would really like to see some contact person on the BlenderNation
> which we could contact in the future and get some response from  
> him/her.
> Unfortunately Bart Veldhuizen who always responded isn't active any  
> more
> there. So, can some Blender trainer or some other BlenderHead (prefer
> native English speaker) get writing permission on the BlenderNation for
> this purpose? I can ask for writing permission there too, but I really
> don't feel able to judge which article is written in the proper English
> and which is not.
> OK, my article was published (without any reply) after all on the
> BlenderNation by "Tim Formica [Room335]" (thank you if you read this!),
> but with such annoying situation will probably face also other**_**_
> trainers, so we still need to do something about...
> I also understand that must be news on the BlenderNation interesting,
> exciting, fantastic & bombastic, so there will be no place for an
> articles about every single Blender course on the planet, but I think  
> at
> least trainers first course report deserve to be publish there. After
> all, that's kind of personal introduction. For my next potential  
> courses
> I will make a page on BlenderWiki where I will publish all this stuff,
> boring or not... :)
> Cheers,
> --Igor
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