[Bf-education] Blender Education & PR

Igor Križanovskij krizanovskij at siol.net
Wed Jul 2 22:01:33 CEST 2008

Hi all,

First, I really don't want to be some kind of Mr. Complain, but probably 
will be my experience sooner or later interesting also for some other 
Blender Trainers...

After my first teaching experience I faced with a problem. Namely, I 
wrote an article for the BlenderNation about a Blender Course, but after 
weeks of waiting and bagging for any kind of response from the 
BlenderNation, I was really desperate. Probably you understand that it's 
important to share such an info, not only for the trainers, but also for 
the customers and the new Blender users too!

It's true that I could publish my article elsewhere too, but 
BlenderNation is the best source for such a Blender info because its RSS 
feed is also published on blender.org and many other places, so it's 
'trusted' and widespread source.

I would really like to see some contact person on the BlenderNation 
which we could contact in the future and get some response from him/her. 
Unfortunately Bart Veldhuizen who always responded isn't active any more 
there. So, can some Blender trainer or some other BlenderHead (prefer 
native English speaker) get writing permission on the BlenderNation for 
this purpose? I can ask for writing permission there too, but I really 
don't feel able to judge which article is written in the proper English 
and which is not.

OK, my article was published (without any reply) after all on the 
BlenderNation by "Tim Formica [Room335]" (thank you if you read this!), 
but with such annoying situation will probably face also other**_**_ 
trainers, so we still need to do something about...

I also understand that must be news on the BlenderNation interesting, 
exciting, fantastic & bombastic, so there will be no place for an 
articles about every single Blender course on the planet, but I think at 
least trainers first course report deserve to be publish there. After 
all, that's kind of personal introduction. For my next potential courses 
I will make a page on BlenderWiki where I will publish all this stuff, 
boring or not... :)


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