[Bf-education] Meeting next sunday.

Antonio Rodrigues Carvalho antoniorcn at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 21 17:52:39 CET 2007

Hi Dolf,

    I have started a Computer Graphics course in the last week, to the 
public hi school students. The course is based in Blender, and I really 
apreciate anu kind of hint about how teach Blender to other.
    Actually I'm following the book Blender 3D - User Guide written by Alan 
Brito (just available in portuguese I guess).

Thanks in advance,

Antonio Rodrigues Carvalho Neto
antoniorcn at hotmail.com
Professor Linguagem de Programação II (LP2)
Fatec campus Zona Leste

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> Hello everyone.
> I've been part of the mailing list for a while but you haven't heard much
> from me.
> However. We are currently starting work on the "Blender teacher's
> companion".
> This will be a "book" or similar written specificly to help people teach
> blender to others. So it's for you!
> Now we'd like to hear some of your opinions, and what it is that you think
> would really help you.
> I will be online in the #blendereducation channel on the freenode irc 
> server
> this sunday after the blendercoders meeting. Thus at 1600 GMT (march 25th
> 2007). I'll try to be there a bit more over the next couple of days as 
> well,
> just in case you'd like to talk but can't be there on sunday.
> Also feel free to email me personally with any thoughts you might have.
> Dolf Veenvliet (macouno)
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