[Bf-education] BF-E News 04-29-07

Jason Schluter write_2_jason at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 29 14:44:48 CEST 2007

        BF-E NEWS
Well it's been getting busier here in the BF-E.
So, it must be time for another BF-E News.
Certified Trainer Program
The current Action Points are on 
* discuss and approve proposal
* establish the first BFCT panel
* create a website section and template for the BFCT program and
* do some news announcements
Action Points could sure do with some updating.
Realistic Targets
Roy Simmons has brought up the issue of targeting the blender market.
While many of blender are enthusiasts who will use blender no matter how
hard, The professionals are the ones that will be using blender as a tool 
to get work done.

They don't care as much about how hard it is, just that it's productive, and
that they can get real work done.
The beginner can be a professional or just a casual user. 
If they are a casual user they will care about the UI and ease of use.
If they are professionals they will care about certifications and trainers.
Fweeb says:
"Perhaps in this first round we offer a "general training certification"
and as the program develops - say, in a year or so - we offer more
specialized certifications?"
Ton Roosendaal moves Certification forward
Ton asks,
"can just decide to hand out certificates as first round, make the web page
for it, and hope the certified trainers team will help organizing it 
Step 1: I hand out certificates, and appoint a team who can give out
	certificates (three people I guess)

Step 2: That team adds this information to blender.org, 
	including trainer profiles Then we wait a little bit to 
	see how things evolve. I am also trying to get things 
	organized better in Amsterdam (next open movie + training 
Note, I still want USD 50 for the certification! When the 
Foundation gets like a 100 sold, we can hire someone for 
coordinating :)
The proposed structure (certificates are only valid when 
on blender.org, and only granted for 1 year)will allow us 
to correct mistakes and improve in due time. 
Can you agree on that?"
It would be suitable for a irc meeting on this topic alone!
Certification 2008
Looks like we will need to help with the certified trainers team setup.
A list of potential Trainers and their profiles will also be suitable for
the BF-E Wiki.
Rui writes,
"A good place to discuss "Certification 2008" would be during the Blender
Conference, have a panel just for it. To really get things rolling we need
the following:
1. The CMS webpage.
2. A form for applicants to mail their request for the certificate, this
   form should then be mailed to this list, or to a mail group that would
   contain the ones in charge at the time.
3. An e-shop item to buy the application form with the agreed price.
4. A specific wiki page to write the tutorial. This is what I can think for
Ton, points 1 and 3 are in your hands, the remaining items we can do it."
Changes to the Wiki

If anyone is updating the BF-E Wiki
with Their projects please keep us informed.
Thanks for another week,
Jason Schluter


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