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------------------------------------------Blender Foundation Education NEWS------------------------------------------
Welcome Bf-Educators.
Well It's been a week already,and that means time for some more BF-E NEWS
BF-Education at BConf 2006 
As you have all seen at www.blender3d.com and 
www.blendernation.com, The Blender Conference Festival is coming up 20-22 October.
How are your plans for Blender Education at the event going?Keep us up-to-date and Please, add any structures/trainingmethods you use to plan for this event to the Wiki.
Plans from your training will assist others in their plan creating.
Certification program for training centers (TC). 
For those of you that haven't yet, Just a reminded to go visit the Bf-E/certification section of the wikihttp://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Bf-education/certification
This is a major step in the BF-E and we need people to think of how they canhelp build this.
If you have a suggestion please bring it up at the September IRC Meeting.
Another area of the Wiki that could use some actual information is:
Institutional Relations 
If you know of an Institution or Business that is using blenderI'm sure they would love to be mentioned here.
Check with them as to how they would like Bf-E to assist them in the future.
Ok, that's all from me,
Remember to keep us up-to-date with your projects.
and to update the Wiki.
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