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-------------------------------------       BF-Education Board NEWS-------------------------------------News for BF-Educators' - Stuff That EducatesHello Again,I can feel the Wiki Momentum this week,  Two new Active Members  BF-E Feature Requests Updates  dhenton9000 ELearning Training CenterFweeb has done and excelent job of updateing the BF-E feature Requests section on the Wiki   Recordable Event History and Verse Server Controls.The Active Members Area of the Wiki has been updated.Hector has added a link for future BF-e structure informationDhenton9000 has added himself to the Active Members and His website  Bmud has added himself(and orginized the list abit too).Welcome Dhenton9000 and Bmud,  Please feel free to give and introduction to the Board,How would you like to contribute to Blender Education?Dhenton has added http://www.dhenton9000.com/elearningTo Bf-E/Training Centers.  If you would like to say a few words about your eLearning site Go ahead, Dhenton9000.Wiki Reminider   Remember to keep your Status Up-To-Date on the Wiki.Thankyou,JasonlanP.S Yes, that was a Slashdot jokeP.P.S My Emails formatting Error has been fixed.
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