[Bf-education] Suggested 3 hour long courses

Hans Ramduth hanslr7 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 24 11:47:18 CET 2006

Dear Tom,
thanks for your feedback. I take your point about 99% being interested to 
make still images and in the 'toy' aspect (and about trimming the email of 
excess...). Yes you are right about many being interested in the fun aspect, 
and leaving it at that.
It is for the few that get hooked and who want to make the investment in 
time and effort that I sketched  that 'course structure'.
Fundamentally your 3 hour courses are not very different from some of the 
medium difficulty-web tutorials. The big difference is that these are 
tutored and not self-taught. Again: not that I am against it, upto now all 
of us have learned blender through such tutorials and these will remain 
vital as each one of us 'discovers' something and shares it with the 
But what about the rest that are ready to make the commitment to learn the 
software in the professional environment of a training centre or university 
lab/studio? (Which is the professional challenge that I am facing).
You are right about the need for a variety of different types of courses, 
though. I had somewhat naively envisioned something that could be a global 
-one-solution-fits-all kind of course. Clearly there will be many people 
interested in very specific aspects: particle effects, game elements, etc, 
which I considered as 'minor' aspects of animation. Maybe others more 
'specialized' than me will have solutions to designing courses for these 
specific target groups.


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