[Bf-education] Some notes

Hector Castillo Hector at surteratec.com
Mon Feb 27 04:35:44 CET 2006

Hello all, 

Rui: here are some notes from today´s meeting in case they may be
usefull to you for the minute.

*Opportunity in Bulgaria for Trainers (InterSpace Media Art Center)
-when: late this year or next
-where: bulgaria
-how long: 1 week, 3 days per module
-fee: for students & some of participants will funded for travell and
-target of the workshop: 3dsmax & maya designers
-objective: induction for 3dsmax & maya artists and pros
-trainers needed: 3
-call range: worldwide

note: "trainers will be completly funded - transport, accomodation, fee
for trainig"


HEC  (stt_ven)

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