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From: Theodore Dounas <dounas at gmail.com>
Date: 22-Feb-2006 12:58
Subject: Re: [Bf-education] Job Opportunity for Trainers :: Bulgaria
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Hello, I am an Architect based in Greece, thessaloniki,
I am really interested in participating as a trainer in a  blender workshop.

I have attached my CV, in pdf format.

Some questions :
Do th people at the Media Center have set specific dates where the
workshop will take place ?
What are the details on transportation/ financial support-
compensation / Stay at sofia and so on?

with respect

Dounas Theodore
Architect Engineer

On 22/02/06, Rui Campos <rcampos at fusemail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> There as come an opportunity for trainers to teach Blender.
> This opportunity comes from Bulgaria by the InterSpace Media Art Center.
> They need several Blender trainers for workshops.
> Here is an excerpt of what I got.
>         We're looking for experienced trainers to present and discuss
>         with
>         other 3D artists and professionals non-experienced with Open
>         Source
>         Tools these specific techniques:
>                 - Textures, Shaders, UV mapping, Rendering with
>         Blender3D
>                 - Armature, Rigging, Animation with Blender3D
>                 - Compositing, Post-production with Blender3D,
>         Cinepaint, other tools
> They need people that master these techniques, they will also need your
> CV.
> For those interested in this opportunity contact me and I will forward
> to the person responsible.
> If anyone has questions post them here and I will make sure to get the
> feedback from the people in charge.
> One more thing, due to this opportunity I scheduled a meeting for the
> next Sunday at 13:30 GMT in #blendereducation at irc.freenode.org (as
> usual). Check more information on Meetings at
> http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Bf-education/Meetings .
> All my best,
> -- Rui --
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