[Bf-education] assignment options.

info at macouno.com info at macouno.com
Tue Feb 8 17:01:22 CET 2005

Sorry about the double post of my previous message... I sent one from the wrong 
email adress and didn't remove it in time.

Since I am thinking about what would be really helpful for educators I came up with 
something simple.

How about us creating a little list with assignments you can give your students. Just 
something helpful in case you run out of ideas. You can always just pick a past topic 
from the weekend challenges, but perhaps we can come up with some good ones 
that focus on particular skills.

For instance:

Make a golfball (always nice for modelling beginners)
Make a length of chain
Make a Tower

Animate a bouncing ball
Animate a solar system


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