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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Feb 8 14:00:09 CET 2005


Large number orders and discounts can always be discussed with me. :)

We also still have the first edition in stock (with too bright  
screenshots), which are being sold for cost price (5 euro per book) +  
Note though I am looking for an educational fund who's interested in  
purchasing all (or like 500 copies). But people who are interested in  
smaller quantities should let me know asap!


On 7 Feb, 2005, at 16:14, veenvliet at planet.nl wrote:

> Hello everyone.
>  I had a brief exchange with Ton about Blender education.
>  I'm teaching some 3d now, and perhaps Blender specifically in the near
> future, but that is still uncertain.
>  I've been thinking about all this and reading some posts.
>  There's quite a few posts about certification and online lesson
> publishing. But I don't think certification would really help much  
> since
> blender is not in
> wide use as yet and in the "creative" branches portfolios are a lot  
> more
> important
> than software specific certificates.
>  Online Lessons are a nice idea but I think that'd fit in with the  
> ideas
> about a default format for tutorials. And there are plenty tutorials  
> out
> there already.
>  The only really helpful contribution that could be made now by the
> Blender Foundation
> I think would be the option for educators to buy larger numbers of the
> blender manual at a discount.
> macouno
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