[Bf-docboard] Manual Wiki Team Call

mindrones mindrones at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 20:59:24 CET 2012

Hi all,

after some discussions in #blenderwiki, we want to propose the workflow
described below and make a call to build a proper Manual Wiki Team.

We need to see if we have enough people in each different role to start
publishing proposed pages at

So for those that are interested to partecipate, please just propose
yourself here or in #blenderwiki :)


For each chapter, we would like to cover the roles explained below.

* Reviewers
  These people have to have good understanding of Blender and
  of the Wiki. They can edit, review and decide when a proposed
  page is ready to go public. The decision should be based on
  the quality of:
   - contents
   - formatting
   - language

  Apart from doing big changes in the Manual structure, a Reviewer
  can work without asking permission about his actions, but he/she
  takes responsibility for the manged chapter.

  He has to keep good communication with the core of admins,
  possibly in #blenderwiki, see

  Right now the only Reviewers we have are the ones listed at:

  We need to find more, but these will eventually come with time.

  If someone with good wiki + blender skills is reading, just head up!
  Roger and past wiki contributors come to mind, but feel free to talk.

* Editors
  These people can edit proposed pages and review them
  but have to ask the reviewer for publishing.

* Developers
  These people can give good advice to editors and reviewers
  on technical aspects of the documented features.
  Developers can edit Manual pages without asking permission,
  but if they prefer to do so, they can ask Reviewers or
  Editors for help.

  Modules owners and members are defined at:

* Writers
  Everyone can be a wiki writer, but if not an editor or more,
  he/she can write in own User space and suggest own edits as
  we do now.

* (Skilled Artists)
  Also, it would fantastic to have skilled artists mentoring
  editors and reviewers and giving suggestions about missing
  parts and possible enhancements (probably too much to ask).


- Basically everyone is a Writer and can suggest edits  in his/her own
user page

- After some good work in wiki, a Writer can become an Editor, so that
he can review other people work, and help Reviewers to get pages published

- After some good work, Editors can become Reviewers.

- Reviewers can help Developers when these don't have time or enough
wiki skills to document own feature.

- Ideally a Reviewer manages his/her own chapter-team and can
potentially assign tasks to editors if he find some.

Basically we believe that establishing a good hierarchy and using
delegation well, we can distribute work and keep the Manual up to date
with less effort.




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