[Bf-cycles] Saving render without ending the session

F Escobar materialesescobar at hotmail.es
Tue Apr 17 18:35:19 CEST 2018

I can reply this question on my own
session->buffers->get_pass_rect(ccl::PassType::PASS_COMBINED, exposure, 1, 4, rawpixels);

is the droid I was looking for, unfortunatly I didn't manage to use get_denoising_pass_rect(...) since I get the same result than using get_pass_rect(...) besides I set params.use_denoising etc properly

Any idea on this? thank you in advance.
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Asunto: [Bf-cycles] Saving render without ending the session

I know that setting the write_render_cb function I can save my result (and it works ok) but whay if I need to save different frames from the same session?

I tried several tests before asking like session->draw(session_buffer_params(cyclesOptions),p); or display->reset(cyclesOptions.session->buffers->params);

also I noticed that tonemap() is a private function so probably I could need a way to call it outside the session since I always have session->display->draw_width and session->display->draw_height as 0 and it means that it was not correctly set.

Any thought on this? Thank you in advance.
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