[Bf-cycles] Some suggestions for nodes' interface revision in PBR times

Troy Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 02:01:43 CET 2017

On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 4:49 PM Adriano Oliveira <adriano.ufrb at gmail.com>

> No matter what, we are missing the point. Today, we have two options for
> incoming textures in Blender and the default sRGB is the less used in PBR
> workflow. The drop down menu is not ideal for the job, so I think we have a
> strong case to review this.

I'm all for sensible defaults.

That said, within OCIO, there is the ability to tag the image via the
filename and have OCIO properly tag the image's OCIO colour space.

So for example, image_srgb.tiff or image_linear709.tiff, wheel_acescg.tiff,

I'd think this would help you tremendously here if it were hooked up into
Blender. I'm not sure it currently is.

With respect,
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