[Bf-cycles] Why remove square samples?

Gottfried Hofmann gottfried at blenderdiplom.com
Tue Aug 15 21:32:00 CEST 2017

Hello List,

one question regarding squared samples: It seems to me that squaring the 
samples is a convention among pathtracing engines. At least Arnold is 
also using squared samples.

Does anybody here have experience with other engines like octane? Do 
they square the samples as well?

The reason for squaring: To get half the noise you need to quadruple the 
samples (because a pixel has two dimensions).


On 15.08.2017 20:06, Thomas Dinges wrote:
> Right, we added the ability to square samples later on, as an option. If
> you already square samples and do that by default, you can keep that for
> Cycles4D. The change in the code is merely on the Blender UI part and
> Blender -> Cycles exporter. No changes in the kernel. :)

Gottfried Hofmann
Blender Foundation Certified Trainer

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