[Bf-cycles] Issue with rendering using GPU's

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Hi Josh,

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On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 10:43 AM, Josh Cullum <josh.cullum at cfms.org.uk>

> Hi There,
> I have an issue with a particular scene that has been created on another
> PC (Windows 7, Nvidia GTX660) and sent to me to render using a HPC GPU node
> ( RHEL 6.4, 2x Nvidia Tesla M2070). We are seeing an error within blender
> when trying to render this specific scene on the HPC GPU node using Cycles
> render, *CUDA error: Invalid value in cuTexRefSetAddress(NULL, texref,
> cuda_device_ptr(mem.device_poi**nter), size)* which bombs out the render
> as soon as the BVH mesh has been calculated. The settings are 1000 samples
> @ 2160x3064 with 256x256 tiles, the .blend file is attached (zipped)
> However, we seem to be able to render in 4K @ 1000 samples with 256x256
> tiles, Mike Pans BMW test case without any issues, as well as the latest
> test case, the cycles_bench_272.blend using the GPU's and having no issues
> at all.
> The version we are running on the GPU machine is Blender 2.72b, with the
> latest Nvidia drivers 340.58.
> Kind Regards,
> Josh Cullum
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