[Bf-cycles] Issue with rendering using GPU's

Josh Cullum josh.cullum at cfms.org.uk
Wed Nov 19 16:43:41 CET 2014

Hi There,

I have an issue with a particular scene that has been created on another PC
(Windows 7, Nvidia GTX660) and sent to me to render using a HPC GPU node (
RHEL 6.4, 2x Nvidia Tesla M2070). We are seeing an error within blender
when trying to render this specific scene on the HPC GPU node using Cycles
render, *CUDA error: Invalid value in cuTexRefSetAddress(NULL, texref,
cuda_device_ptr(mem.device_poi**nter), size)* which bombs out the render as
soon as the BVH mesh has been calculated. The settings are 1000 samples @
2160x3064 with 256x256 tiles, the .blend file is attached (zipped)

However, we seem to be able to render in 4K @ 1000 samples with 256x256
tiles, Mike Pans BMW test case without any issues, as well as the latest
test case, the cycles_bench_272.blend using the GPU's and having no issues
at all.

The version we are running on the GPU machine is Blender 2.72b, with the
latest Nvidia drivers 340.58.

Kind Regards,

Josh Cullum

*Josh Cullum* // IT Systems Administrator

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