[Bf-cycles] Cycles GPU render

David Bucciarelli davibu at interfree.it
Tue Feb 26 12:55:22 CET 2013

Il 26/02/2013 01:52, Germano Cavalcante ha scritto:
> Does anyone have data about how much memory Blender takes to compile 
> the Nvidia OpenCL (and how long they take)?
> This is to help engineers from AMD to find causing the problem of 
> rendering cycles (and perhaps the recursive procedural materials into 
> LuxRender).

I have already sent the source of a LuxRender OpenCL kernel that wasn't 
possible to compile with 24GB of ram. The problem was very easy to 
reproduce: loading the kernel inside AMD KernelAnalyzer2 was enough to 
trigger an out of memory on Linux and a compiler internal error on Windows.

According our contact inside AMD, this problem has been fixed. The fix 
should be available with one of the next release of Catalyst drivers.

May be this fix will solve the Cycles related problem too.


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