[Bf-cycles] Volume Rendering for GSoC

Rafael Campos rafaelcdn at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 18:56:19 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I'm in my last year as a Computer Engineering undergraduate, and not as
experienced with rendering engines as I had hoped I'd be by now.

Nonetheless, I'd really like to tackle Volume Rendering in Cycles for the
upcoming GSoC.

I believe I understand the challenges - it might be the case that the
entire project will be too much for one summer, but perhaps there's a good
enough subset of the problem that can serve as basis for future work, even
my own.

Working out the details of such a proposal is proving to be a challenge,
since it isn't trivial to anticipate what the best approaches will be for
Cycles - I'm trying to keep interactivity and responsiveness in mind.

For now, I'm going over volume data structures (in the lines of field3d (
code.google.com/p/field3d/, but probably less general and simpler) and
different models for light scattering.

Resources I've been using are both code and books for pbrt
<https://github.com/mmp/pbrt-v2>and pvr <https://github.com/pvrbook/pvr>,
and the volume rendering course notes of Siggraph '11 (

Any ideas to help me along the way?
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