[Bf-cycles] Nvidia Titan Cycles Performance?

Jordan Miller jrdnmlr at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 19:01:33 CEST 2013


So I'm interested in using Blender Cycles to do complex visualizations of advanced manufacturing and fluid mechanics.

Is the Nvidia Titan and even two or three titans wired via SLI a useful option?

Teh internets don't agree on Titan performance with Cycles, so I figured I go straight to the source to ask.

I know the issues may be what is currently supported vs. what is planned in the future. I imagined Blender Foundation may opt for a titan workstation for each developer for the next open movie project?

Is the main advantage of the titan NOT performance but instead the vRAM size to allow very large and complex scenes (e.g. paving the way for hair rendering in cycles?)?

I'm also interested in your thoughts in terms of cost effectiveness. Luckily cost itself is less of a concern to us for this machine as much as raw Cycles performance and ability to do complex fluid visualizations/simulations with Cycles rendering for photorealism.

And can the Blender compositor use GPU? :-D


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