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David Black db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 11 03:25:29 CET 2012

Hi Brecht,

Blender 2.66

*Viewport Render Toggle Switch:*
After trying some tests with a very dense particle system, I would like 
to ask your thoughts about a toggle switch for Cycles Viewport 
rendering, letting a user choose if Viewport rendering displays 'View' 
settings /(as it does presently)/ or 'Render' settings /(like the final 
F12 render)/.

Currently it seems the only way to preview /(render)/ my dense particle 
system with many child particles /(//heavily reduced 'View' settings for 
faster Viewport navigation)/ is by doing a full F12 render.

Would a Viewport render 'View' / 'Render' toggle also be helpful for 
Cycles strand rendering Patch tests?

*Viewport Half Resolution Cycles Render:*
One Idea I had while Cycles was in very early development, having a 
Viewport Shading 'Fast Rendered' option, below the 'Rendered' option.
The 'Fast Rendered' option displaying a half resolution view /(with 
possibly reduced light sample bounces////for extra speed?)/, this would 
be helpful for those using laptops without access to GPGPU, also while 
using very high resolution displays, there would be no need to make a 
very small Viewport preview 'render' window to position lights in real time.

Have tried some Viewport render tests, halving the resolution is about 
twice the performance /(which I guess is logical)/.

*Couple of Questions to Finish**:*
When Motion Blur is not enabled, why does the code still affect render 
speeds?  Render speeds have slowed a little, even while using optimal 
tile sizes, compared to before when the code was present but commented 
out.  Please understand this is not a complaint, really pleased MB is 
there, just very interested to learn.

And finally... Does the Viewport render now display using progressive 
refine, instead of the old progressive method?  I notice Tile size also 
greatly influences Viewport render speed even though tiles are not 
visible during rendering.

Thank you greatly for your time and phenomenal programming skills!


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