[Bf-cycles] Cycles use in Visualization

Aurel W. aurel.w at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 18:38:06 CEST 2011


I plan to use cycles in a 6-sided CAVE, with each wall having a
resolution of 4k. This should stay to some amount interactive, it
should give a similar experience to working with cycles in blender in
preview mode with a resent GTX gpu.

I would also use a large cluster for this. Like one node for each
512x512 pixel tile. So I am very interested in any experiences how
cycles would scale to many computational nodes, especially when using
preview mode.

I would also use large datasets, but I guess they will still fit on
one node. Computing the BVH individually on each node and applying
small updates, when the scene changes, will be enough for me then (at
least I hope so ;).

Anyone seeing a mature problem, why cycles wouldn't scale in this case?


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