[Bf-cycles] Problems about source version control when I add code to Cycles.

Yansi Yao yaoyansi2 at yahoo.cn
Mon Dec 26 05:31:49 CET 2011

Hi all,
I'm going to add code to cycles,  but I encounter some problems.

My situation is:

1.I'm not a developer of Cycles, so I can't commit my code to Cycles branch.
2.I checked out the Cycles branch source code to a directory, say it $(CyclesRoot), on my local machine. 

3.If I modify the code of Cycles, I need to committhe code to my local repository with SVN or Git.

4.The source code of Cycles is updating everyday.

Let me take an example, I modified the file device.cpp($(CyclesRoot)/intern/cycles/device/device.cpp). Then I update the code in $(CyclesRoot) to the latest version from Blender repository.  I resolve the conflict on device.cpp if there is. Now the problem occurs, how I commit device.cpp to my local repository?
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