[Bf-cycles] Recycling of a shader in other shader

Constantin Rahn conz at vrchannel.de
Mon Dec 19 12:22:55 CET 2011

Hi Paulius,

IMHO i'm mixing the "Surface" part of the material with a shader. Is the 
surface not a (combination of) shader itself? If I link all outputs 
(Surface, volume, displace) from the (my) "Material Input" to all inputs 
on the "Material Output", then the material should be the same as the 
original material.

Am 19.12.2011 12:12, schrieb Paulius Mscichauskas:
> What you are doing here is mixing a MATERIAL with a shader, not a 
> shader with a shader. Materials =/= Shaders.
> And I believe this is possible btw.
Happy blending,

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