[Bf-committers] Attribution style for commits

happysmash27 happysmash27 at protonmail.com
Fri Jul 8 05:31:39 CEST 2022

Hello. For my current pull request (https://developer.blender.org/D15306) and for future, hopefully more complex pull requests, there is currently an issue in terms of attribution. I would prefer to be attributed under "happysmash27", as this is my main identity online and unlikely to change in the near future. Updating my profile to use a first-last name system would have the problems of:

– My first and last name are shared by over 10,000 other people in the US alone, so is not a good identifier.
– I do not plan to use my current legal name for that long in the future as it is not very good. So, this identifier will likely become outdated a lot quicker than happysmash27 where my website happysmash27.me is registered for the next decade or so and has history going back around a decade.
– I could potentially use the name people actually call me in real life in combination with my last name, which I may change my name to, but this still does come with some problems and I would prefer not to as:
  – This is not currently my legal name.
  – When I do eventually change my legal name, I may end up going with something else.
  – Although my online identity and legal one are fairly strongly linked (mostly in the form of people IRL knowing my screen name), I would still prefer not to have my legal name as easily looked up online as having it on a public forum would create.

Could this be done, while still having me listed as the author? I was advised to contact the project administrators, and if I understand correctly I think this would be the forum to discuss this.

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