[Bf-committers] JSON/YAML parsing in CPP

Antonio Vazquez blendergit at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 11:35:23 CEST 2021

To have a JSON library in C/C++ could be also used for some type of GPencil
Import/Export feature. This format was a kind of functionality that I was

Antonio Vazquez
Grease Pencil Team

El mié, 15 sept 2021 a las 11:22, Jeroen Bakker via Bf-committers (<
bf-committers at blender.org>) escribió:

> Hi All,
> For the asset browser we would like to store an index per asset file
> (.blend file inside an asset library) to reduce the overhead of showing
> assets in the asset browser.
> The high level solution we are thinking of is to store an index file next
> to the asset file that can be read quickly to find out what assets are
> inside the file. The challenge I want to address is the used data format of
> that file. We prefer these supporting files to be human readable, but the
> structure can be complex. From this point of view we are looking for
> Currently we don't have a YAML/JSON parsing library in our core. As we want
> to add indexing still as part of Blender 3.0 we might have a timing issue.
> In https://developer.blender.org/T91430 2 valid options are desribed.
> - use a header only JSON parser.
> - use cpp-yaml that is already used by OCIO/OIIO and make it a hard
> dependency.
> T91430 also mentions an abstration to switch implementations if needed.
> We would like to have discussion/feedback from the platform maintainers to
> see what would be a valid option for inclusion of asset indexing in Blender
> 3.0.
> Jeroen
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