[Bf-committers] Bugs, Triaging and Bcon2

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 08:00:00 CEST 2019


A reminder that the tracker is to help developers to make the next stable
release. As we have more users this means we get many more reports which
should not become such a burden that it slows down development.

1) Priorities

The first thing for everyone to understand is that we need to prioritize.
Just because a bug is easy to fix doesn't mean it is the best usage of our

This is also a great opportunity for new developers to tackle low/normal
bugs since it is unlikely the core team will be able to tackle them. That
said, even reviewing these fixes take time, so the sooner people can help
with the High/Medium confirmed tasks the better.

2) Triaging

The inflow of bug reports is massive, so triaging is a never ending effort.
For anyone willing to help with triaging we have compiled this "bug
triaging playbook" to help out:


We will be handling reports which aren't clear or seem like feature
requests by closing them immediately.

3) Bcon2

During Bcon2 we should focus on stabilizing the new added features, while
tackling any other known issues. It is also a good time for the modules to
look at the pile of confirmed bugs and set their priorities straight. In
other words, to cherry-pick the issues that we plan to address in time for
Blender 2.81 and set the High Priority ones (or lower some to Medium).

This will also be our compass once Bcon3 comes to determine whether we are
to work on new features (bcon1 for blender2.82 starts at the same time) or
stick to addressing high priority bugs.


Some juicy numbers:
We have close to 1,300 confirmed bugs at the moment.

Confirmed bugs per priority, 1,296:
- High: 18,  Medium: 737, Normal: 275, Low: 266

Needs triage by developer, 374 bugs:
- September: 180,  August: 194

There are also quite some "Waiting for Developer to Reproduce", besides
bugs from previous months.

Speaking of August and September, from these months alone we have 146
confirmed bugs:
- High: 11, Medium: 106. Normal: 4, Low: 25

Thank you everyone,

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