[Bf-committers] Should we change the splash image when theversion number changes?

antonioya blend blendergit at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 19:55:40 CEST 2019


I agree to keep the hype of the release splash, this is the reason I talked to have a temp splash, maybe we could have a generic splash only for this purpose and don’t change for each release and don’t populate git with temp splash images.

To summarize my idea:

- Release version (2.81) gets its “awesome” splash in Bcon5.
- Next version (2.82) has temp “generic” splash (2.82) between Bcon1 and Bcon4.
- 2.82 splash is changed to “final awesome” splash when 2.82 gets Bcon5.
- When 2.83 starts with Bcon1, we reuse the generic Splash.

For me, to use the same splash with 2.81 and 2.82 is annoying because it’s very easy make mistakes when you are checking both versions at the same time for any debug task. I know, you can look at the version in the top right corner, but “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


De: Dalai Felinto
Enviado: viernes, 11 de octubre de 2019 17:29
Para: bf-blender developers
Asunto: Re: [Bf-committers] Should we change the splash image when theversion number changes?

Hi Antonio,

What you propose is not really solving the problem. To have a new
splashscreen from 2.81 and still use the 2.80 splashscreen for 2.82
(master) would be even more strange in my opinion.

In a way what we have now is no different than having a stable Blender with
a splash, and master with the same one. Which is how we did for ages,
without any major complication.

So initially the plan is to change the splash only when we enter bcon5. You
do see a different alpha/beta version in the splashscreen, and that will
have to suffice for now.

All that said, I actually believe that the true reason to change the splash
at the very last moment is because there is a lot of expectations in regard
to that. So it is nice to align the hype of the splash reveal with the
release of a new version of Blender.



Em sex, 11 de out de 2019 às 10:44, antonioya blend <blendergit at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> Until now, when we had a version, the splash was changed at the end when
> the release was made. With the new way of working, the version is changed
> at the beginning and appears in the splash, and we follow the development
> in the master branch. The release of the previous one has its own branch
> (blender-v2.81-release).
> If we decide that master is the new version (in this case 2.82), the
> logical thing would be to change the splash at the same time that the
> version change is made, so the developing version would have a different
> splash. Now it is very strange to have a different version in the splash,
> but with the same image from the previous version. Perhaps that splash
> could be the definitive of 2.82 or something more generic like the one we
> used during the development of 2.80.
> This is just an idea that I wanted to share with you to see the different
> opinions. Anyway, if you think it is not necessary, forget it.
> Regards,
> Antonio Vazquez
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