[Bf-committers] 2.82 roadmap proposals meetings notes

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 22:36:10 CET 2019


We had a few meetings today with the module owners and a few of their
members about the 2.82 roadmaps. The goal of said meetings was to try to
find a balance between the proposed roadmaps and our capabilities.

Listed here are the proposed features (or design tasks) for Blender 2.82.
This is to be combined with the regular development work in the tracker and
patch review. The titles listed are "Module - Meeting Participants (not
including me)"

User Interface - William Reynish and Julian Eisel
* Virtual Reality (milestone 1) - T71347
* Drag and drop milestones breakdown (not implementation) - T67893

Modeling - Campbell Barton
* Wrap up the tool system - D6301
* Weld modifier - T70240

Python - Campbell Barton
* Drawing API - Set the foundation to replace BGL by GPU (Vulkan and VR
future proof) - T68977

Sculpt, Paint, Texture - Jeroen Bakker, Pablo Dobarro
* Finished sculpting workflow.
* Multiple object - Only the performance part of task T71951
* Check with UI team an approved design for the "fog of war" (rest
of T71951)

Nodes & Physics - Sebastián Barschkis
* Mantaflow - T59995
* Nodes - Design only, making it into a project [1] (milestone breakdown)
- T68980

VFX & Video - Sergey Sharybin
* VSE Disk Cache - Can be finished in time, but need to invite user/artist
to give feedback at the design, Sergey Sharybin will do that.
* Compositor design plans - How to improve performance, design plans
starting next year.
* VSE future mission - No milestones per-se, but at least a clarity of what
is the future of it.

EEVEE & Viewport - Clément Foucault, Jeroen Bakker
* Draw manager refactor finished - Bringing very few short term benefits to
the end user. However the current system is over-engineered and getting on
the way of future improvements.
* Grease Pencil fixes (in branch, to be developed and tested outside
* Feature film requirements R&D (RTX, better DoF, sharp shadows, motion
blur, …) - No implementations, but to investigate what the list would be
and to create a design task.

Data, Assets & I/O - Bastien Montagne
* Undo - Priority to try our best to get it out in time for bcon2.
* Library Override usability - remap/update operator, proxy conversion -
can wait until bcon2.
* Maybe the basic initial USD I/O implementation - D6287.

Grease Pencil - Antonio Vazquez, Clément Foucault
* Vertex Painting - Needs review by UI and non-GP vertex painting
developers, to try to align them as much as possible.
* Real brushes for grease pencil.
* Default Palette.
* Draw manager fix in a branch (see EEVEE & Viewport)

Animation - Sybren Stüvel
* The animation module meeting is only next week, so no "features" to
* Try to go out of our way to bring big studios in the discussions.

* No meeting about the Cycles module. The module members already had a
clear roadmap discussion during the Blender Conference 2019, and can handle
their own reviews and workload among themselves.

[1] - https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/User:Dfelinto/Drafts/Projects
[2] - https://www.mail-archive.com/bf-committers@blender.org/msg25023.html

Thank you everyone for your time today,

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