[Bf-committers] Modules simplification (and members cleanup)

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 05:10:47 CET 2019


Another change on the way. Based on feedback from Campbell as well as the
development team at the Blender Institute I would like to simplify a bit
the structure our module structure:

1) Module coordinator → module owner.
2) Module owner → module member (and not include the module owner on it).
3) Assign module page to module coordinator.
4) Cleanup the project page (no need to mention any developer).
5) Remove the module members not listed as members in the wiki.
6) Find more non-developer module members.

This way we have a reference point for each module (owner), while all the
members can be visible for the projects in developer.blender.org (as well
as the wiki). This also reduces the amount of redundancy, helping to keep
the wiki and developer.blender.org in sync.

If the module owners and members need help finding artists stakeholders
(point 6) poke me in particular (or write a public message in
bf-committers) and we can try to find people that demonstrated interested
in the past. Most modules clearly lack non-developer members.

In fact I had to remove quite a few (in particular in the User Interface
Module) to match the wiki. If I made a mistake please contact me or your
corresponding module owner to have your contact up again in the wiki and

Thanks for your comprehension,

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