[Bf-committers] Bug triaging, classification, assignment and fix - proposal for Blender 2.82

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 02:20:57 CET 2019

Bug triaging is still a big hassle in our process, with plenty of bugs
being reported every day.

Based on discussions with Nathan and the development team at the Blender
Institute, I propose the following:

The goal is to isolate the development team from the triaging process.
These changes add more responsibility for the module owners and
coordinators (classification/assignment), and for the triagers (getting a
confirmed bug reported really ready to be fixed).

If there are no objections we can start this next week so it doesn't
interfere with the 2.81 release.

IMPORTANT: We will also need to unassign bugs from developers (and tag
their corresponding projects). An assigned bug should indicate the bug will
be tackled soon, it should help us to see what is in anyone's table, and
what is up for grabs by other module members and contributors.

NOTE: At the moment our current status and priorities are not the ideal for
an easy distinction between triaging, classification, ... this is a
separate discussion though, and we can make it do with what we have for now.


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