[Bf-committers] Moving to Python-3.8

Mikhail Rachinskiy mikhail.rachinskiy at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 20:16:11 CET 2019

There are inconsistencies with other libraries too:

VFX Platform 7.x
Blender 5.1

VFX Platform 2.4.x
Blender 2.3.0

What about those? We stick to Python 3.7 but ignore other libraries?
Who currently supports VFX Platform?
As far as I know the latest version of Maya 2019 comes with Python 2.7.

While Python 3.8 got some neat optimizations:
* 40% faster calling globals.
* 20–50% sped up calling some simple builtin functions and methods.
* Doubled the speed of class variable writes.

We get these (and a few more) optimisations for free just from updating to

Mikhail Rachinskiy

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