[Bf-committers] Moving to Python-3.8

Toni Alatalo toni at playsign.net
Wed Nov 6 16:07:25 CET 2019

Native code Python modules, I mean typically C written libs or APIs like
Blender's, used to not be compatible between Python releases.

However, there seems to be a part of the ABI that remains compatible
between releases, since 3.2:


I don't know whether and how exactly people may mix native modules in and
out of Blender in Python VFX pipelines.

But just a note that it may be less a problem now than earlier. Or not, I
didn't check how useful the compatible part of the binary interface is.

2 cently, Toni

On Wed, 6 Nov 2019, 12:31 Bastien Montagne, <montagne29 at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> TL;DR Am all for switching to python 3.8 in Blender 2.82.
> TBH I would not be too much concerned about that VFX reference thing,
> waiting over ten years until a deprecated technology is finally
> officially not supported anymore to switch to a new, modern one sounds
> like a joke to me, especially in an industry that is always supposed to
> be at the tip of progress in techs!
> And as Sybren said, py3.8 will support all of py3.7 features, so just
> write your code for 3.7 if you really want to stick to that 'industry
> standard' thing.
> Bastien
> On 05/11/2019 22:33, dr. Sybren A. Stüvel wrote:
> > On 05/11/2019 21:31, Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego wrote:
> >> I honestly would stick to the VFX reference one, yesterday daniel bysted
> >> made a point about it on twitter:
> >> https://twitter.com/3DBystedt/status/1191527352012070912
> > It looks like his point was that things are easier now that the VFX
> > Reference Platform is no longer on an ancient version of Python.
> >
> > Compared to supporting Python 2 and 3 in one script (which is also
> > doable, but not fun), it'll be peanuts to just write pipeline tools for
> > Python 3.7 and have them run on 3.8 as well.
> >
> > Sybren
> >
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